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yet another case of my name in a word

I am officially happy.
"turbo" as a prefix, adventure, airports, alf, ambrose bierce, artist glasses, automatism, barnacles, bears, belle and sebastian, bertold brecht, bjork, black box recorder, blanket statements, blonde redhead, bojangles of harlem, brains, brick walls, bridges, bums, buster keaton, cabaret, california dreams, captain wacky, cats, chaos, class, collages, complexity, composing, cradle will rock, creaky floorboards, crossroads, dada, dancer in the dark, dancing feet, david lynch, dichotomy, ditties, dixieland clarinetists, dtasc, elevators, elliott smith, eloquence, eraser collections, field trips, filmmaking, fraggle rock, fred astaire, free stylin', galleons, games, geniuses, gentlemen callers, geysers, ghostfish, harold and maude, help!, hidden places, hipsters, hoofs, hot air balloons, imagination, impalas, improvisation, intricate hamster tube cities, invention, irony, japanese paper walls, john lennon, jonathan livingston seagull, jupiter, juxtaposition, kooky oboe solos, laboratory mice, launchpad mcquack, lion manes, maya deren, mazzy star, mist, morrissey, movement, mulholland drive, muppets take manhattan, new england, nice dreams, nonchalance, nonsense, obese babies, ocarinas, oil paints, overcast weather, pencil warmers, piers, pirates, play, playwrights, profoundity, promenade, punnage, quirky sidekicks, radiohead, rewiring neural pathways, rhyme, rhythm, ridiculousity, river beds, road trips, robots, sailors, salvador dali, san francisco, sarcastic old men, seasons in the sun, seattle, self-reflexivity, shaving-cream clean desks, ships, shipwrecks, sigur ros, sketching, smashing pumpkins, songwriting, string quartets, subconsciousness, temecula, the abandoned caboose, the atlantic ocean, the cure, the golden girls, the magnetic fields, the pixies, the smiths, the sundays, theater, thick carpet, thom yorke, thrift stores, tmbg, top hat, trains, typewriters, unwavering self confidence, vaudeville, vocabulacrobatics, wit, writing, yakko warner